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Taekwondo Classes

People are always looking for a new way to stay physically fit while experiencing new and meaningful things. The learning of martial arts provides a perfect opportunity to do both. In particular, taekwondo offers the opportunity for individuals to learn about a martial arts discipline that combines the combat and self-defense ideology with sport and exercise.

What is Taekwondo?

Taekwondo Training in PocatelloTaekwondo is a martial art discipline developed in South Korea in the 1950s for the purpose of teaching self-defense to the South Korean military. Taekwondo combines some karate and judo techniques, but emphasizes the use of a variety of kicks with speed punching (sparring). The sparring component has actually evolved into an Olympic competition event in recent years.

Benefits of Taekwondo

Idaho ATA Martial Arts offers a variety of taekwondo classes in Pocatello where taekwondo has been selected as one of their preferred martial arts disciplines. Their highly trained Pocatello taekwondo instructors emphasize the true benefits of the sport. Those benefits include improvement in one’s self esteem, mental discipline, ability to defend oneself and physical fitness. Of course, they also teach the techniques used to make this one of the most efficient disciplines in martial arts.

About Idaho ATA Martial Arts

Idaho ATA Martial Arts prefers to think of themselves as a full service personal development organization. While they offer taekwondo classes in Pocatello as well as Pocatello karate lessons, they also emphasize the importance of physical fitness and conditioning. The finest Pocatello taekwondo instructors in the area are there to teach the techniques that will Martial Arts Training in Pocatelloprovide a person with confidence in their ability to defend themselves. They also teach the importance of physical fitness as a lifestyle issue that influences many facets of life. Essentially, they provide a fun and exciting way to get exercise and stay fit while learning invaluable fighting skills.

ATA Martial Arts offers classes to almost every age group starting at age three. The Pocatello karate lessons and taekwondo lessons are broken up in age groups in order to allow the instructors to match the students with the appropriate level of teaching as different age groups learn at different speeds. They have much experience with novice students as well as competition level students. The most important students derive from their experience at Idaho ATA Martial Arts is a feeling of accomplishment and confidence, and that’s a lot to get in return.